Albanians, among the shortest in Europe

Albanian men are among the shortest in Europe, according to data published by "NCD-RisC", a network of health experts around the world.

Europeans, both men and women, are among the tallest peoples in the world. In the map published by this network, the Albanians are at the bottom of the list. The average height of Albanian men is 174.1 centimeters. Only Cyprus is worse, with an average of 172.7 centimeters.

According to these data, the Dutch are the tallest in Europe, but also in the world. The average height of Dutch men is 183.8 centimeters. After them, the Montenegrins are in second place with an average length of 183.3 centimeters and the Estonians with 182.8 centimeters.

In the list of 20 countries with the tallest men, 19 are from Europe. Dominica is the only country on this list that is not in Europe.