Rare 200-year-old sweater found by chance in British archives

A 200-year-old sweater in a style very similar to the national dress of the Faroe Islands has been found in very good condition among a pile of 19th-century papers at Britain's National Archives.

The sweater was intended for a woman in Denmark but never reached her as the ship carrying it was seized by the Royal Navy in 1807.

Margretha Nonklett, head of ethnology at the national museum of the Faroe Islands, saw the package being opened in the archive. She called the find incredibly exciting and said it was of a rare design, the Guardian wrote.

“There are very few pieces like this and we have none with this design. It will have been handmade at home," said Nonklett.

In the letter that was found with him, it was written: "My wife sends you greetings. She sends your fiancee this sweater and hopes she likes it."

The ship also carried many other things, including other clothes, fish, candles, towels, oil, and other items.