The most dangerous animal in the world that attacks even when it is not hungry

Polar bears are considered the most dangerous in the world. These predators are considered the largest species on earth and their danger is very great, especially in the period when they are hungry.

If you were attacked by a polar bear, naturalists say your chances of survival would be slim.

Their length can reach up to 10 meters and they can weigh up to 700 kilograms, writes "Az-animals".

Their claws are nearly four inches long, sharp, and their strength is incredible. Polar bears attack people for the same reason other bears do.

They feel threatened or want to protect their cubs. The only difference is that polar bears attack even when they are not hungry, as finding food is not always easy.

Some people who choose to live in the Arctic Circle are placed in steel cages to protect themselves from possible attacks.

Experts recommend that if you choose to hike in areas where polar bears live, you will need a rifle or defensive weapon.