The incredible story of the chicken that lived without a head for 18 months

In 1940, a chicken was considered very strange because, as had never happened before, it had lived more than a year after its head was cut off.

The chicken named Mike survived 18 months without a head, Guinness wrote, on the farm of the Lloyd-Clara couple in Colorado, USA. They were in the business of butchering and slaughtering chickens for sale, but one was very special.


Despite her head being cut off, she continued to live and eat, prompting the farm's owners to send her for study. Tom Smulders, director of Evolutionary Neuroscience at the University of Newcastle, said this was not so difficult to explain.

"The brain is mainly concentrated in the back of the skull, behind the chicken's eyes. Reports indicate that Mike's beak, face and ear were removed, but 80 percent of his brain was still active, allowing him to control his body, heartbeat, breathing and digestion," the expert explained.

The couple then cared for the chicken by feeding it water and liquid food. She has gone down in history.