Seven professions that pay well, but are very dangerous

Professions distinguish and carry responsibilities and challenges from each other. Some professions may offer good pay, but living in them is not considered very easy because of the dangers they carry.

The "Arielle" blog has listed some of the professions that are dangerous to practice.

Fishing in extreme areas

Fishing can be an attraction, but it all depends on where and under what conditions it is practiced. The Bering Sea is considered the most dangerous place to fish.

There are plenty of crabs there, but this space in Alaska is extremely cold and hard.

Contracted fishermen who go fishing face even death as the boats are tall and in many cases they are forced to go down to the water to catch the fishermen.

If they slip under water, they can die within minutes as temperatures drop well below zero and snow is always present. According to a statistic, every year around 300 people die there, mainly from excessive cold.



Any work that directly endangers their lives is considered dangerous. So is the work of the soldier. Besides the dangers in training, the soldier is constantly under danger from the enemy. Tensions and wars can erupt at any moment, and he must be ready to defend and attack at the same time.

This is best demonstrated in the two world wars, where millions of soldiers of many armies were killed.


Special forces

This is related to military matters, but special forces carry out more difficult operations. They are involved in fast and very dangerous actions, including in the fight against criminal groups, terrorism and attacks on high state officials. Even in mass operations, special forces are involved and are at risk.


The miners

Mining is fraught with danger. Miners are forced to go for miles to extract the wealth of the underground. In addition to the risks from collapses, miners can also suffer health injuries as a result of contact with cancerous ore. Asbestos is one of the dangers.


Wood processors

They spend most of their time climbing oaks and trees to cut branches or prepare them for woodworking factories. However, this profession is also considered dangerous as any carelessness can endanger one's life. Climbing trees is also arduous and dangerous.


Extreme Sports Guide

Recreational activities may be considered attractive, but this is not the case for escorts. Each organized adventure is staffed by a team leader on the water to guide them on where they can and cannot circulate.

But this driving profession is considered dangerous as all the burden falls on him in such sports adventures. The team leader also faces other risks, as he has to take care of the health of the tourists. This is considered dangerous and not recommended.


Bomb disposal

This field falls under the military category, but carries with it various risks.

The bomb disposal team is usually contacted when security is compromised and an explosion could occur at any moment.

They are trained professionally and strictly, but dismantling is always dangerous. Many experts say that this profession pays well, but based on the level of danger, it is not recommended to be practiced by everyone.