Santa's visit allegedly infected 75 people in Belgium with the coronavirus

A visit to a care home in Belgium by Santa reportedly cost 75 people. They were infected with the coronavirus and one died.

The nursing home is said to have made a mistake when it admitted the "old man" for a visit. This was also questioned by the municipality of Mol in the Flanders region.

"A deeper investigation is needed to conclude that his visit caused this spread of the coronavirus at the care home," an official said, adding that 61 residents and 14 staff members have tested positive.

December 6 is the date when Belgians wake up early and rush to meet the man called Santa Claus, from whom they expect presents.

The man who played Santa on the day of the visit tested positive until he was told he was not feeling ill.

"The visitor did not enter every room. The leaders assured us that he only visited a few areas," the municipality's statement to CNN states.

Belgium has been severely affected by the coronavirus. So far, they have registered 608.137 positive cases and 17.951 deaths.