Tensions in the courtroom - the brother of the murdered twins is irritated after Pleskovic did not plead guilty

The brother of the two twins who were killed in the war in Prizren is irritated, since the accused for this crime, Milosh Pleskovic, has not admitted his guilt. The reaction was followed by an exchange of curses and insults between him and the accused. Based on the indictment, the body of one of the murdered twins was mutilated by Serbian forces

Tensions erupted on Friday in the courtroom during the hearing against the Serb accused of war crimes, Milosh Pleskovic, when he pleaded not guilty. The action has irritated the brother of the two victims, and the reaction has been followed by an exchange of curses and insults between him and the accused.

After the tensions that have been created, by order of the court, Perver Daçaj has been forced to leave the hall of the Basic Court in Pristina, where the judicial process has started.

Prosecutor Ilir Morina first read the indictment, with which Pleskovic is charged with the responsibility for the murder of two twin brothers, Binak and Reshat Daçaj, during the last war in Kosovo.

"September 11, 1998, near Prizren, the victims went to their mountain to get wood for heating and while they were walking they encountered 7-8 people from the Serbian forces. First they asked them to stop, then they insulted them. At that moment, the defendant shot with a Kalashnikov", said prosecutor Morina, during the reading of the indictment.

According to the indictment, after the murder, the bodies of the victims were massacred.

"The victims were mutilated, one of them did not have his head in his body," he said.

The accused Pleskovic has not admitted his guilt. 

"I do not accept the indictment. I feel sorry for the victims. The one who committed that crime should answer, not me," said the accused.

After the hearing, Mihrije Daçaj, the mother of both victims, said that the killer is Pleskoviqi, who during the war was known by the nicknames "Cell" and "Miki".

"'Miki' has drowned my sons. My two sons drowned on the mountain. He has not been without his mother for a week. They didn't even leave us alone, on the ground. They didn't leave us, Miki and the others. I know him, this is Miki. He drowned my two sons from 29 years. Now he is saying no, this whole thing has suffocated him. "I don't have any problems with them, when they came, when I saw them all torn, all blood, with all their father", she said.

Even the lawyer of the Daçaj family, Gent Gjini, has said that among the murderers is the accused who is involved in committing genocidal crimes.

"It is a slightly tragic case, because we are dealing with a profile of a criminal, directly involved in committing genocidal crimes in a macabre manner. As in the indictment, he is involved in cutting the limbs and suffocating the children of the lady in question. The same person was seen today in the session who had an arrogance and his physiognomy shows that he is a criminal", said Gjini.

During the hearing, the defense of the accused Pleskovic requested from the court to change the security measure, but this request was opposed by the prosecutor Morina, according to whom he is a witness whose security is compromised if Pleskovic is protected in freedom.

"The only basic possibility is the possibility of escape. As the Court knows, we have an anonymous witness who fears for his life, and on the basis of this, if the defendant is at liberty, he may endanger his life", he said.

There is another criminal case against the accused Pleskovic. Meanwhile, on June 6, an indictment was filed for the murder of two Daçaj brothers in Prizren. Based on the indictment, Pleskovic has seriously violated the rules of international law against civilians.

Author: Riad Latifi