New online services provided by the local level of government

The new electronic platform "E-Municipality" has been launched, offering new services at the local level. In the first phase, it is possible to follow the broadcast of municipal assembly meetings, access to the property of municipal officials, report problems in the municipality, talk with municipal officials and others

The "E-Municipalities" platform was launched on Friday, through which citizens can receive a number of services, be informed about developments in municipalities and create a line of communication with municipal officials.

It will function within the "E-Kosova" platform.

Prime Minister Albin Kurti, who participated in the launch of this project of the Ministry of Local Government Administration, said that the platform will improve transparency and accountability within municipal administrations.

"These services increase the interaction between the commune members and the citizens by making the citizen an active part of the decision-making process and making him informed in real time about the developments in his municipality. "Through the direct broadcast of municipal assemblies, debates with municipal officials, reports of problems and access to information, the goal is to create a direct line of communication between citizens and their elected officials at the local level," Prime Minister Kurti said.

E, the Minister of Local Government Administration, Elbert Krasniqi, said that the new platform "E-Municipality" was realized through agreements with international partners. According to him, this is only the beginning of the digitization of services for citizens.

"Some of the services that are planned in the first phase are: Broadcasting of municipal assembly meetings, access to the property of municipal officials, reporting of problems in the respective municipalities, conversations with municipal officials, information on municipalities, initiation and participation in public debates". Minister Krasniqi said. "Through these services, citizens have the opportunity to more easily address their requests to municipal bodies. In the second phase, other services will be included, as well as additional modules".

Over 880 citizens are registered on the "E-Kosova" state platform, and they have the opportunity to receive over 155 electronic services, including digitized civil status certificates, property certificates and plan copies, property tax invoices, traffic fines, criminal history certificates and can also apply for other grants.