The former superior of the Serbian police of Istog says that he met Časlav Jolić in prison

Momir Pantic

Momir Pantiq, suspected of war crimes in Istog, has testified in the case where Çaslav Joliq is accused of war crimes in that region. Pantiqi, who was a former superior of the Serbian MUP, said that he did not know the accused during the war, as he did not know well the reserve policemen who were mobilized during the war. However, the injured denied it.

The suspect for war crimes, Momir Pantiq, spoke on Thursday in court as a witness and said that he did not know Çaslav Joliqi, who is accused of war crimes in the region of Istog. 
Pantiq said that he did not know most of the reservists like Joliqi, as he had no business with them.

"Did you know him earlier as a person like Časlav Joliq, are you familiar with him?" - said Valbona Musliu-Selimaj, member of the judging panel.

"No, for sure no... I did not go around the house... For the first time in prison", said Pantiq.  

The witness and the accused are in custody in the High Security Prison, where they met earlier. Pantiqi, who testified on Thursday at the Basic Court in Pristina, had a leading position as an official of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Serbia for the region of Istog.

He said that he knew his brother, but not the defendant, as he stated that he mostly knew the regular policemen of Gurrakoc and Banja i Peja where he was responsible. 

He said that the injured Zef Malsia was in his office during the war and told him that Radule Pejčinović - "Dulle" beat him, but that he did not mention the defendant.

"You started a special procedure for Zoran Joliqi... I'm asking you, did you ask "Dullen" at that time with whom he was in the service since you received a complaint from Zef Masija", said Mentor Bajraktari, a member of the jury .

"It was not my job to receive a statement from Dulles", Pantiq said.

The trial became tense as the injured witnesses in this case insisted that they express their objections to the witness Pantiq and blamed him for the beating.

And, in accordance with the decision of the trial body, their objections were heard after the end of Pantic's testimony.

"This was the head of the Istog police station, number 1. Everything was organized by him... Brenda told me: you are being written about, you will be imprisoned and he told me that you are accused of two criminal offenses: for gathering aid to terrorists and espionage against the state. He told me in his office", said the injured Zef Malsijaj.

"He didn't tell the truth that I've been a taxi driver since the 90s, I know... His army was," said the injured Nexhmedin Curraj.

The next hearing for this case of war crimes was scheduled for May 24, in which the accused Časlav Joliq himself will testify.