The Government's commitment to the draft statute is not expected to have an impact on the vote

The new commitment of the Government of Kosovo for the draft statute of the Association, while aiming to join the Council of Europe, has not been well received in Kosovo. It has been criticized by the opposition, but it is considered an insufficient step even by countries like Germany.

The Government's commitment to drafting the draft statute of the Association of municipalities with a Serbian majority is not expected to produce an effect towards membership in the Council of Europe.

Germany, one of the countries that has conditioned the vote in the Council with concrete steps, has expressed the opinion of the Association that the request has not yet been met.

In a response from the Embassy of Germany in Pristina, it is said that the Government should have taken the actions before the meeting of the Committee of Ministers.

"QUINT and others have repeatedly emphasized that Kosovo is expected to take concrete steps for the establishment of the Association in order to achieve the necessary two-thirds majority in the Committee of Ministers for the membership application to be successful. In our opinion, submitting the draft statute to the Constitutional Court before the meeting of the Committee of Ministers would be such a step. As Ambassador Rohde said in his tweet after the vote in the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe: 'Kosovo must now do the heavy lifting'. This has not yet happened", said the German Embassy. 

Germany's legislators have also requested a change in Germany's position on Kosovo's admission to the Council of Europe.

The German MP, Kurt Abraham, considered the Government's action for the Association to be a wonderful development and said that the Committee of Ministers should address the membership in a special session in June.

"The Government of Kosovo has promised in a letter sent to the Council of Europe that it will submit a statute for the AKS to the Constitutional Court by the end of May. It's a great new development. It would be a very good idea for the Committee of Ministers to address this issue at a special meeting in June. It would be a historic moment and the Government of Kosovo has taken a very important step here", said Abraham.  

However, the Government's action has been criticized by the opposition in Kosovo.

The general secretary of the PDK, Vlora Citaku, has considered the letter of the Foreign Minister, Donika Gërvalla, scandalous.

"Scandalous letter of the Minister of Foreign Affairs. Scandalous in content, scandalous in form. Scandalous in the message it conveys to allies. Diplomacy is not child's play", said Çitaku. 
The LDK and AAK deputies also considered it a wrong and delayed action.
"Why is it left until the end of the month when it has been known that it has been six months since the meeting of the Committee of

Ministers will be held on May 16 and 17. It is a politically and tactically wrong action and a loss for Kosovo. Kosovo has lost the opportunity to make a positive decision for it in the Council of Europe", said the head of the LDK Parliamentary Group, Arben Gashi.  

On Thursday and Friday, the Committee of Ministers will hold meetings, but the vote for Kosovo's membership in the Council of Europe is not on the agenda.