The government promises to send the Association's draft statute to the Constitutional Court by the end of May

Although they considered it unfair, the Government of Kosovo submitted to the condition that the draft statute of the Association be sent to the Constitutional Court. In a new letter of commitment, submitted by Minister Donika Gërvalla to the Council of Europe, Kosovo has taken the responsibility to draw up the Association's formation document, and to send it to the court for review by the end of May. It was requested that after this action, Kosovo should be granted membership in the Council of Europe.

Prime Minister Albin Kurti put an end to the 11-year "rebellion" against the Association of Municipalities with a Serbian majority by pledging to establish it.

On the eve of the meeting of the Committee of Ministers of the Council of Europe, he surrendered to the conditioning of membership in the Council of Europe with the Association, even though he himself opposed such a thing.
On Thursday, the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Donika Gërvalla, conveyed the commitment to prepare the draft statute to the President of the Assembly of the Council of Europe.

There it is emphasized that the executive has started with concrete and tangible steps towards the full implementation of the Basic Agreement and its implementation Annex, including the Association since April 17.

"In accordance with the spirit of Article 7 in relation to Article 10 of the Basic Agreement, we have already started consultations with the representatives of the members of the Serbian community to take into account their needs. In this regard, the Government of Kosovo is preparing a draft statute for the Association, inspired by the FES, which will be sent to the Constitutional Court by the end of May 2024. Given these concrete and tangible steps taken by Kosovo, we expect that the Committee of Ministers to have additional reasons to invite Kosovo to become the 47th member of the Council of Europe".

And in a media conference, Minister Gërvalla said that the pledge is only a repetition of Prime Minister Kurti's willingness to draft such a document, an offer which has been rejected so far.

"We hope it will be accepted this time, but this presence depends on the member states of the Council of Europe and no longer depends on us. After today's concretization of our commitment to take an important and tangible step in fulfilling our commitments, we ask and expect the Council of Europe to fulfill its part of the obligation", said Gërvalla. 

The Government has taken this action at the time when the Committee of Ministers is meeting, which will take place on Thursday and Friday, and the issue of Kosovo's membership is not on the agenda.

Gërvalla said that they have consulted with the internationals on this issue, although he refused to say whether they have support from them for him.

"Our commitment is very sincere and very serious, but we expect our international partners to appreciate this commitment, to appreciate this commitment. And depending on the reaction of the other party, we will see if we will be able to draft such a document and then present it", said Gërvalla. 

She has considered that the step taken is not late.

After the vote in the Assembly, Kosovo has been asked to send the draft statute of the European Union to the Constitutional Court for review.

Such a thing was opposed by Prime Minister Albin Kurti, saying that the process of membership in the Council of Europe should not be mixed with that of dialogue.