A symbolic number of citizens who took advantage of the opportunity to remove or not the mayors in the north

The citizens of the four municipalities in the north of Kosovo sided with the Serbian List, boycotted the process for the removal or not of the mayors. In Zveçan, not a single voter came out to vote until the afternoon, while a symbolic number of them were recorded in other centers.

Voting centers in the four municipalities in the north, on Sunday, lacked voters.

The voting process for the removal or not of the mayors, as it was announced, was characterized by a low voter turnout.

In the 23 voting centers, it was rare to see any citizens interested in voting, and this is also reflected by the data of the Central Election Commission.

Out of over 46 citizens with the right to vote in the four municipalities, in the afternoon the turnout numbers barely exceeded 200.

There were no people interested in voting in Zveçan.

Voting in this municipality was organized in the municipal building, in which the mayor Ilir Peci has not set foot since the election.

Representatives of the Central Election Commission and observers were the ones who filled the 23 spaces made available to vote.

The ballot boxes in almost every polling station were empty. It was the same in the center in Banjska of Zveçan.

In the village, since sergeant Afrim Bunjaku was killed seven months ago, until the afternoon there was no one interested in voting.

A symbolic number of citizens, Albanians and Bosniaks, voted in North Mitrovica.

The hall in which a year ago Erden Atiq was sworn in as the mayor of North Mitrovica, on Sunday was turned into a polling place for the citizens of this municipality, who had the opportunity to decide whether or not they want Atiq to continue working. But the interest to participate in this process was low.
The non-participation of citizens in the voting, according to those who forwarded this process, confirms the announced boycott.

"Only six have come out, mostly Albanian ethnicity, there are few interested from other ethnicities. At the moment, considering that there are 1740 voters in this center, and considering the past times, we can say that a boycott is happening. We don't expect much change. There may be a little, but not much change", said Gentrit Rushiti, the commissions in North Mitrovica.

Kosovo Police officials were seen near each voting center. According to the deputy director Veton Elshani, no incident was recorded during the day.

"We have a minimum number of policemen used for polling stations. Through the streets of the north, the number is the same as usual, but we have a sufficient number of policemen in case there would be any disruption of order or public peace or any destabilization. Until now, we don't even have information that such a thing will happen", said Veton Elshanim, deputy director of the Police in the north.

A characteristic of this process, among others, was surveillance with cameras. They were encountered in every polling station in North Mitrovica and Zveçan.
As a result of the shooting, unlike other election processes, the voting booths were located on the opposite side.

With the participation of the citizens on the voting day, the process for the removal or not of the mayors is considered failed. In order for him to succeed, 50 percent plus one voter would have to vote for either option.