The witness is faced with applications, where he writes "year 1988" and "Kumanov area"

In the Basic Court in Pristina, the trial against 12 KLA commanders in the case known as "Veterans" continued. In Tuesday's session, the witness Maliq Ndrecaj testified, whom special prosecutor Dren Paca confronted with his accepting signature on an application for a veteran, where the date of service was March-September 1988

In the case known as "Veterans", where 12 commanders are accused of inflating the list of veterans of the Kosovo Liberation Army, the special prosecutor, Dren Paca, confronted the witness Maliq Ndreca with an application from a veteran, in which the time of service in the war is recorded during 1988.

The witness Ndreca was the commander of the 132 "Myrt Zeneli" brigade in the Dukagjin area.

"How is the period of his involvement in the KLA justified, where it is said that it is 12.3.1988 and 17.9.1988", prosecutor Paca asked.

"There is a possibility that it is a personal mistake of his", answered the witness.

Ndrecaj said that his signature meant that the application was accepted and sent to the government commission.

The prosecutor also confronted the witness with an application where the operative area was marked as Kumanovo, but Ndrecaj said that this could also be a mistake.

"There are cases where they wrote it incorrectly, I was in Kumanovo or somewhere else. I personally did not mark it for the engagement in the Macedonian war, although I participated", said the witness.

Accused in this process are: Agim Çeku, Nuredin Lushtaku, Sadik Halitjaha, Shkumbin Demaliaj, Qelë Gashi, Shukri Buja, Ahmet Daku, Rrustem Berisha, Faik Fazliu, Smajl Elezaj, Fadil Shurdhaj and Xhavit Jashari.

A day ago, former deputy Daut Haradinaj testified in this criminal case.

According to the indictment prepared by the former special prosecutor, Elez Blakaj, the persons involved are said to be from 2011 to 2017, acting as members of the Governmental Commission for the Recognition and Verification of the Status of Martyr of the Nation, Disabled, Veteran, Participant and The war internees of the Kosovo Liberation Army have taken advantage of official duty and authority, intentionally exceeding their powers and not fulfilling official duties, in order to benefit other persons in an illegal manner, continuously, to the detriment of the budget of Republic of Kosovo.

They are accused of damaging the country's budget for tens of millions of euros.

The accused commanders in 2021 were found not guilty in this case. However, the Court of Appeal has returned the case to a retrial.