Bislimi accuses Lajçak of violating the principles, refuses the meeting

Deputy Prime Minister Besnik Bislimi said that he has received a request from official Brussels for a meeting within the Kosovo-Serbia dialogue during the coming week, in which the issue of the dinar will be discussed.

But he announced that as the chief negotiator of Kosovo, he will not participate in this meeting since, as he said, the dinar is not part of the dialogue.

Bislimi, after a round table organized by the Center for Humanitarian Dialogue, accused the European emissary for dialogue, Miroslav Lajçak, of violating the principles of the process.

"Mr. Lajçak sent me the letter, because he constantly communicates with me, and I think that he violated the principles, which he set himself. For the reason that it is the first time that he has scheduled a meeting without prior agreement with the parties and he has tried to determine the agenda as well, despite the principle he decided in 2021 that no topic is placed on the agenda without the agreement of the parties. But the invitation came to my address".

He said that it has not yet been decided who from Kosovo will participate in the meeting.

The meeting in Brussels was called after the criticism expressed by the international factor regarding the Central Bank Regulation that defines the euro as the only currency for payments in Kosovo.

The dinar issue was also discussed at the table of the Center for Humanitarian Dialogue, with the topic: "Economic development for Serbs in Kosovo".

Gordana Gjoriq, representative of the business women's association "Avenija", estimated that the decision banning the dinar was made ad hoc and that Serbian citizens should be given more time to prepare before that.

"Most of them do not have cash registers, and until a cash register is opened, time needs to pass. Until all this is implemented, again some time is needed and they have to somehow live in the meantime. That's why I said, the decisions that are taken ad hoc directly harm people and create great mistrust and fear".

E Nenad Radosavlević, director of RTV "Paqja", sees as solvable the regulation of the issue for Serbs who accept payments in dinars from Serbia.

"Those who have so far received something in dinars in the territory of Kosovo are of Serbian nationality. They can, from the Republic of Serbia, through the European Central Bank, send to the checking accounts of pensioners and all others who have bank cards, and those who do not, to enable them to do so as soon as possible and accept yes the same ones that have accepted them in euros. And the problem is solved".

Deputy Prime Minister Bislimi warned at this table that in the next few days the Government will come up with a list of 10 measures, through which it will show how it will take care that citizens are not harmed during the transitional phase until the full implementation of the Regulation of CBK.