The KFOR soldier tells Rakic ​​the consequences of the protesters' violence

Even on the fourth day of the protest, crowds of Serbs have blocked the municipal buildings in the north, to oppose the new mayor's approach to them. In Zveçan, Serbs threw stones at a police vehicle and attacked journalists. The developments in this municipality throughout the day were followed by the journalist Valbona Bytyqi and the cameraman Alban Raci, who we now have on the direct line. Valbona, what are the latest developments in Zveçan.

It started peacefully, but in Zveçan the situation became tense in the afternoon when the police crossed the street in front of the municipal building, blocked by a crowd of Serbs.

On the third day of the protest against the entry of the new mayor into the office, the participants threw sharp tools at the police car.

Representatives of the Serbian List stood at the forefront of the protest.

The head of this political entity, Goran Rakić, complained about the police to a KFOR soldier.

"A little earlier, a police car with a long gun passed by here and provoked the citizens. And the citizens reacted and threw stones in the direction of the car. The reason why we came to you: If you have the strength for your soldiers to be around here at the intersection, there should be no contact between the Police and the citizens", said Goran Rakiqi, chairman of the Serbian List.

But the NATO soldier reminded him of the violence that Serbian protesters used two days ago.

"25 soldiers. 25 KFOR soldiers were injured. Some of them had gunshot wounds. Several KFOR soldiers were wounded by gunfire, not far from where we spoke on Monday night. The marks on the bullets show that they were shot with a weapon, which NATO or KFOR does not have. The weapons with which he was shot, those bullets, were not here. It is absolutely unacceptable", said the KFOR soldier.

Protesters repeatedly obstructed the Albanian media teams from Kosovo, and physically attacked some of the journalists, who even today have not provided protection either from the police or from KFOR.

And, in the morning, KFOR secured the perimeter near the Municipality building.

The barbed wire reinforced the KFOR cordon near the Municipality of Zveçan on Wednesday. Dozens of soldiers from this mission have been securing the Municipality facility for several days now. On Wednesday, the iron fences were covered with Serbian flags by protesters, who have been protesting since 7am.

At the beginning of the protest, a large flag of Serbia was also unfurled, which was left among the protesters for a few minutes.

Being on the streets since the early hours of the morning has made the protesters find different forms of entertainment. One of them is listening and singing nationalist songs.

The demands of the Serbs were also repeated through the protest.

The Serbs have warned that the protests will continue until their demands are met.