Kurti's statement about former Serbian politician Ivanovic is criticized by the opposition

Prime Minister Albin Kurti's stance on the fifth anniversary of the murder of the Serbian politician, Oliver Ivanovic, has provoked numerous reactions.

Through a video, the head of the Government praised Ivanović, while demanding an explanation of his murder.

"Oliver Ivanovic was a person dedicated to fighting for the interests of his community and city. He did this by being open, honest, always sharp on matters of importance, but also respectful of those with whom he disagreed. I would like his memory to remain alive, his memory as a man who worked for a stable future and for a multi-ethnic Kosovo", said Kurti.

The opposition has linked the Prime Minister's statement with his approach to the Kosovo Liberation Army, while also mentioning Kurti's positions when he was in the opposition.

The chairman of the PDK, Memli Krasniqi, wrote on Tuesday that Kurti belittled the veterans of the KLA, while the vice-chairman Vlora Çitaku also criticized the prime minister in a press conference.

"While, as if for irony and shameless, Albin Kurti yesterday spoke good words and praises only for Oliver Ivanovic - whom, while he was alive, he himself accused of killing and expelling Albanians in Mitrovica during the war. After the war, Albini's beloved Ivanovic was the head of the "Bridge Guards" who, with violence and terror, kept the city of Mitrovica divided. I understand to some extent the historical jealousy of a fake veteran like Albin Kurti, but the disparagement of the veterans of the Kosovo Liberation Army will never pass before us and the citizens of Kosovo," wrote Krasniqi.

"On the anniversary of the Reçak Massacre, the Government denied the mayor of Reçak, the former KLA fighter, Adem Ramadani, while the next day praised Oliver Ivanovic. "Prime Minister, history cannot and will not be erased like the communiqués of the Vetëvendosje Movement and your positions on Facebook", said Çitaku.

The former deputy of Vetëvendosje, now a member of the LDK, Shqipe Pantina, said that Kurti changed his attitude towards Ivanovic after coming to power.

"So, Ivanovic did not help to create a multi-ethnic Kosovo, on the contrary, he helped in the ethnic cleansing of the Albanians, and the praise that the prime minister gave him on the 5th anniversary of his murder, in the mildest language, we say it is a shame, so shame today has a name, it has a name and for me it is Albin Kurti", said Pantina.

And according to the deputy of AAK, Albana Bytyqi, with the statement made, the prime minister has offended Kosovo.

"It is terrifying what the prime minister is saying, where until yesterday he called him a criminal, he is actually a criminal as long as he committed crimes against Albanians, today you are calling him a hero, I honestly don't know how close the prime minister is to the Serbs, but this what he is doing is shocking for us as citizens of Kosovo and is offensive for our country", said Bytyqi.

Ivanovic was shot dead on January 16, 2018, in front of his party's office in North Mitrovica.

Until before the murder, he was being retried for ordering the killing of Kosovo Albanians during the war in Kosovo in 1999. He had pleaded not guilty.