Over 100 seminarians participating in the 40th edition of the Albanian Language Seminar

In the 40th edition of the International Seminar on Albanian Language, Literature and Culture, there will be over 100 participants from all over the world. It will start on Monday and run until August 26. The director of this seminar, Shkumbin Munishi, said that there will be many participants in this edition.

Everything is ready for the start of the 40th edition of the International Seminar on Albanian Language, Literature and Culture.

This edition is expected to start on Monday and will last until August 26.

More than 100 seminarians will participate there, but this time they will be absent from Russia, the cause of the war in Ukraine.

"Participation in this edition of the seminar is very large. We will have seminarians who will come from different countries of the world, from the Albanianological centers that are in Poland, Bulgaria. Then guests will come from Turkey, the Netherlands, from Germany this year we will have a considerable number, Italy, Serbia, Macedonia", said the director of the International Seminar for Albanian Language, Literature and Culture, Shkumbin Munishi.

Munishi has emphasized that lectures will be held by foreign and Albanian Albanologists.

"This year we will have as guests the honored albanologist Irena Sawicka, Artur Karashinski, Ekaterina Tompomanova, Eda Derhemi from the United States of America, Bardhyl Demiraj and of course we will have lectures by prominent local albanologists Kujtim Shala, Kujtim Rrahman, Rrahman Paçarizi . This year we have a considerable number of lectures", said Munishi.

This seminar was founded in 1974 and is organized for researchers and students who deal with problems of the language of Albanian literature and culture, but also with Albanian studies.