"MonoAkt" closes the 16th chapter with the triumph of the monodrama about human love

Scene from the winning play, "Lord Ibrahim and the Flowers of the Koran"

Scene from the winning play, "Lord Ibrahim and the Flowers of the Koran"

The announcement of the winners is the final act of "MonoAct", and there triumphed the monodrama which unfolds human destinies as a message for overcoming differences, tolerance and the triumph of love. "Lord Ibrahim and the Flowers of the Koran" directed by Mairus Donkin from Bulgaria received the main prize, while this year's "MonoAct", in addition to the marathon of performances and accompanying events, this year also marked the 25th anniversary of the Liberation. "On this 25th anniversary of the Liberation of the country, foreign artists have also had the opportunity to learn about our history in some form. We write it and it is the duty of each artist", said the director of "MonoAkt", Mentor Zymberaj

The show "Lord Ibrahim and the flowers of the Koran", which shows the connection between people beyond differences, has won the main prize of this year's edition of the international monodrama festival "MonoAkt".

Monodrama with text by Frenchman Eric Emmanuel Schmitt and Bulgarian director and actor, Marius Donkin, takes you through the dramatic events that unfold through Momo's communication with Ibrahim. This story was revealed on Friday night, before the awards ceremony. Donkin thanked the audience in front of the "Dodona" theater in Pristina for the award. 

The award for the Best Director was given to the Lithuanian Alvydas Vizgirda, director and author of the play "Fabijonas". 

"Thank you Kosovo, beautiful country, beautiful mountains, beautiful Pristina. Thank you!", said Vizgirda briefly, after accepting the award. 

The Best Actor was awarded to Ismet Azemi for his performance in the play "Artisti na tavan" written and directed by Agron Gërguri, produced by the theater "Avdush Hasani" in Podujevë. Azemi said that this was the second award for him in the history of the festival. 

"I am grateful to the 'MonoAkt' festival. It's not the first time I've participated, it's the second time I've received an award. I thought that people, especially our work, are exhausted by emotions, but it seems to me that there are always sources of emotions from the spiritual, but also intellectual, mental and physical side", said the actor Azemi. 

While the Best Actress Award was given to actress Dungaamaa Chimedtseye from Mongolia for her role in the monodrama "My darling. This is just the beginning". 

While the show "Hedy: the life & inventions of Hedy Lamarr" from the United States of America received a special award. 

American actress, screenwriter and producer of the show Heather Massie has said that this is her first show. 

"Thank you very much for this award. I am very honored and touched. Thank you for the hospitality in Pristina and the invitation. All the students have been very talented, open to work together and talented", she said.

Prizes are also awarded for life activities. Posthumously, the prize was awarded to playwright Haqif Mulliqi. His daughter, Getoarbë Mulliqi-Bojaj accepted the award in tears. 

"I still haven't become strong enough to talk about dad. It is the second time in 'Dodon' without him. Thank you for the friendship, good cooperation and this gratitude", she said. 

The activity of the actress Safete Rogova was also honored with this award. 

"Thank you for this award and for this festival that brings artists from all over the world. But thank you to Mentor for bringing the Albanian language to all the festivals he participates in," said Rogova on stage. 
This year, "MonoAkt" has dedicated space to young artists throughout the one-week festival program. In the framework of the developed workshops, distinguished talents were also selected. 

Zana Berisha received the "Best Single Performance" award, while Fiona Abdullahu received the "Best Monostrip" award. 

The jury consisted of Nina Mazur from Germany, Tatiana Czepurnyi from Ukraine and Svetlana Ivanova from Cyprus.

"It was a perfect festival, at the highest level. I just wanted to wish you success", Ivanova said briefly. 

The members of the jury got it from a short speech. For the Ukrainian Czepurnyi, "MonoAkt" was the trigger for her first visit to Kosovo. 

"It was my first time in Kosovo and I really liked it. Especially your company and hospitality", she said. 

While Mazur is familiar with the festival. He appreciated the out-of-competition show that was shown at the opening of the festival. 

"It is an honor for me to be here. It is a great sin that the position of this festival does not allow me, as a member of the jury, to give the prize to the wonderful play 'Hamlet's Dreams'", she said.

With this monodrama with text by Nina Mazur and actor Mentor Zymberajn, the festival program opened on June 9. With "Rrethimi...1999" the program "MonoAkt+" was inaugurated, which comes within the program of the International Festival of Monodrama. The exhibition was the novelty of this year's festival. 
On June 10, the exhibition "This beautiful world..." by the artist Albert Atakulov from Uzbekistan was opened, while "Monodrama" by author Mentor Zymberajn was promoted on June 12. On the same day, the conference on "Developments of monodrama at the Faculty of Arts in Prishtina" was held. 

The 16th edition has also brought theater workshops as well as visits to cultural institutions and natural attractions. 

This year, a total of seven plays were shown, five of which were in competition. 

What has closed and triumphed in the 16th "MonoAct" is a hymn about love and tolerance. It is a reflection of the childhood of Muhammad, the only character in the play that is set in an old neighborhood of Paris. The character, who is called Momo in the show, stops every day at the store of Ibrahim, who is Kurdish, and often steals there. There he also meets a girl. Events unfold as Momo talks to Ibrahim more and more. But as a monologue, he makes sure to make the answers he doesn't get understandable to the audience. He becomes close to her and their bond leads him to understand the real Paris. Then Momo realizes that his father, who is a lawyer, decides to run away. After I leave money for a month and a letter of people who can contact in any case. This makes Momo bond even closer with Ibrahim. The latter even takes her on holiday in Normandy which makes Momo happy, to the point of tears of joy. 

The drama takes a turn when, after three months in Normandy, the police knock on his door and tell him that his father committed suicide by jumping in front of a train in Marseille. He is forced to return to Paris so that he can identify her. When a woman appears, Momo's identity comes into question. She is looking for her son named Moise, her only child whom she has not seen for years. Other dramatic twists follow. With this monodrama Schmitt tells the story of a young Jewish boy and the Muslim grocer of their neighborhood in Paris, but without highlighting religion as essential to such human dramas. 

The director of the festival, Mentor Zymberaj, said that this year they came with innovations and that they expanded the program with new events. 

"We had the novelty this year for the first time of the theatrical exhibition, where we had Albert Atakulov, a very great artist, a photographer with an artistic spirit who has gone to more than a hundred festivals. We have brought innovations from all the festivals of the world and again innovation for this year we had the 'Encirclement' which is dedicated to our life in 1999. In this 25th anniversary of the Liberation of the country in some form even foreign artists had the opportunity to be recognized with our history. We write it and it is the duty of each artist", said Zymberaj, professor at the Faculty of Arts. 

He said that the greater number of participating shows has also led to an increase in the number of competitions held in recent years. 

"If we look at it from the first year of establishment when we had only one competition, now we have four such, besides 'Monoactit' we also have 'Monostrip', 'Monoperformance' and the shows that we choose to present outside of the competition from Kosovo for promotion to the artists international. We have the theater workshop that we have added in the following years, we have moved on to the promotion of monodramas, that is, theatrical texts", he said, while considering this year's edition of the "MonoAkt" festival as successful. 

Last edition, the best show within the festival was awarded "Bloody Wedding", directed by the Spaniard Pati Domenech, and was chosen as the best in the competition of the festival. Also, the actress of this show, Maria Vidal, was chosen the best in the competition of actresses, while the best actor, the German Philip Sommer. The Lifetime Achievement Award was awarded to Faruk Begolli posthumously.