A book for the 7700 books documenting the Kosovo war in 43 countries


"The Kosovo War 1997-1999: A Selected Bibliography" is the first written for other books dealing with the Kosovo War, with the aim of serving as an aid to different research profiles, from the scientific approach to the filmmakers (Photo: Office of the Prime Minister)

Two authors have searched through 45 libraries of 43 countries in search of titles about the Kosovo war. They have identified 7700 titles to present in a single book. As part of the activities for the 25th anniversary of liberation, the book "The Kosovo War 1997-1999: "A selected bibliography" by the authors Durim Abdullahu and Davjola Ndoja was inaugurated on Friday, which, among other things, has been described as a call that these titles to be brought to the country for which they were written

There are 7700 books in 28 different languages ​​that have been written about the Kosovo war, whose titles and data come in a single book of almost a thousand pages.

"The Kosovo War 1997-1999: A Selected Bibliography" by the authors Durim Abdullahu from Kosovo and Davjola Ndoja from Albania was inaugurated on Friday at the National Library of Kosovo as part of the celebrations for the 25th anniversary of liberation.

The authors have identified the titles in 45 national libraries in 43 different countries. Only 600 of them have Albanian authors. It is the first to be written for other books dealing with the Kosovo war, with the aim of serving as an aid for different research profiles, from the scientific approach to filmmakers.

Prime Minister Albin Kurti also spoke about the two-year research of the two authors. According to him, this publication will serve as a starting point for a bigger institutional step.

"The name durim of the author Abdullahu certainly fits this work, while I am also curious about the meaning of the name Davjola of the author Ndoja. Congratulations to both authors for this undertaking finalized with this extraordinary book unseen by us. And I firmly believe that in this case, when a researcher from Pristina and one from Tirana join forces, the natural result is such great and useful works for society and the state, for the nation and the future", said Kurti.

According to him, this publication will serve to change the policies surrounding these publications and enrich the fund of the National Library.

"Now we have to start thinking about how we can buy these books and bring them here to Kosovo, where the war about which these books are written, to whom Abdullahu and Ndoja have dedicated their book, took place. For us as the people of Kosovo and for the institutions of the Republic, it is extremely important to have and know every book, and to collect every voice about the war in Kosovo", added Kurti.

The co-author of the book, the historian Durim Abdullahu, has shown that only in 1998, 205 books were published about Kosovo, while a year later, 900 books were published. This bibliography contains war chronicles made by international journalists, war memoirs by political and military personalities, books with accounts of war survivors, testimonies about massacres, biographical publications about war martyrs. There are also listed various judicial processes for war crimes and crimes against humanity during the war in Kosovo, as well as those dedicated to the destruction of cultural heritage during the war years.

"When you read these books, you realize that the Kosovo war has also been fought in New York, Washington, London, Berlin, Paris, Rome, Tirana, Skopje, Moscow, Belgrade, Ankara, Tel Aviv, and even in China because the Kosovo war involved not only the Albanians on one side and the Serbs on the other, but also at least 19 NATO member states that bombed Yugoslavia for 78 consecutive days, as well as Russia that mediated between Milosevic and the countries of G8 as well as China, whose accidental bombing of the embassy became an international scandal", he said. He added that the book reflects what both Albanian and Serbian authors have written about the Kosovo war, and especially international authors, who are the majority. He also shared some of his first motives as a child when he started collecting newspapers during the war. This book, according to him, comes as a result of that former passion, he has shown that since 2019 he has started buying almost every book written about the Kosovo war. Half of this corpus consisting of 300 books, after the inauguration of the book, was also presented in an exhibition in the lobby of the Library.

According to the other author of this bibliography, researcher Davjola Ndoja, who has expertise in the field of the Holocaust and communism, the approach had basic criteria on which the research phase of this project was carried out. They had decided to include in this bibliography only works published in book format, leaving aside artistic titles, unpublished master's theses and doctorates, as well as various articles in electronic addresses. Meanwhile, the titles in this comprehensive bibliography are categorized into five time periods: titles published from the beginning of the 1945th century, titles published during the Cold War period 1991-1991, during the wars in Yugoslavia 1996-1997, during the war in Kosovo 1999- 2000, and titles published after the war, between 2024-XNUMX.

In her promotion speech, Ndoja also mentioned a finding that they had identified during the research. He gave clear messages to the institutions of Albania and Kosovo.

"In our eyes as authors, it is quite clear the commitment, either state or personal, of certain persons to deposit these titles in every corner of the world, which is unfortunately incomparable with the very few and sometimes non-existent presence of titles in Albanian in yes these libraries", she said. It has opened a parenthesis for two important aspects regarding the policies of the Albanian book.

"The first is the need for greater attention and support through official policies that must be undertaken for a distribution not only in Albanian-speaking territories but also internationally of the titles published about the Kosovo war in the Albanian language and equally the translation of these titles about the Kosovo war by a foreign author. The second aspect comes from my approach as a translator is that of the immediate need we have for the policies and support of the translation of the Albanian book into the main languages ​​and vice versa", she said.

The book "War..." has been evaluated as exceptional and very useful for librarians by the deputy director of the National Library of Kosovo "Pjeter Bogdani", Bukurije Haliti.

"The publication of this bibliography is a coveted achievement for the last war in Kosovo. I would like to remind you that the BBK has been enriching itself with collections of Albanian interest and interest in the culture and history of Kosovo since Kosovo has been free. It is close to mind that such a bibliographic publication by Abdullahu Ndoja constitutes an opportunity in itself to ensure that these titles become part of the BBK collection, filling a large gap of publications on the Kosovo war". said Haliti.