The restoration saves the house-museum of Constantin Kristoforidih

The restoration that started last fall has saved the museum house of the linguist and translator Konstandin Kristoforidhi. The house that is located within the surrounding walls of the Elbasan Castle has been subjected to a conservation and restoration intervention through which the longevity of the building where Kristoforidhi was born on May 22, 1827 has been ensured.

The roof showed problems in the construction, as well as the presence of moisture in the interior of the building was noticed. At this stage of the intervention by the maintenance team of DRTK Korçë, the intervention was carried out on the entire surface of the roof. The restoration of the damaged wooden floor and the cleaning of the territory's vegetation were also completed. DRTK Korçë has announced that the wood material has been treated with antimol and linseed oil. The restoration of the external entrance gate to the yard and the reinforcement of the building's stairs have also been done.

In 2014, it was announced that local institutions had confirmed that this building was the birthplace of Kristoforidi. This was done with correspondence in mind. In the publication "Kristoforidhi - a new look", the youngest son of Kostandin Kristoforidi is followed by a correspondence that also sheds light on the house where the great linguist was born. He lived almost all his life away from his birthplace, but he took care of his father's activity and tried to bring not only his works, but also those of other great Albanian writers.

Married to a French woman, Philip Christopher died in exile and the fate of his rich library is still unknown, as he left no heirs. In the correspondence that is published for the first time in this book, there are also details about the house where Kristoforidhi was born, specifying the house where the great linguist was born in the "Kala" neighborhood of Elbasan.

Filip Kristoforidhi, in the correspondence he maintained with Thanas Konomi in the 60s, in one of the many letters gives details about the house where Kristoforidhi lived, where he finally returned to Elbasan in 1884. This house would become a house-museum over the years of communism, which was certainly not the home of birth. The son specifies exactly the building that continues to be a museum for the last years of Kristoforidi's life.

"At that time, he lived with his children in a house where there were two families: on the one hand, Vasil Popa. On the other hand, Maria, an old woman, my father's sister. After the death of his sister, father sold her share to Vasil Popa. "The house is located near the Kalas tap, in front of the house of Lazrit papa Janit, merchant (resper) and friend of my father with whom they used to play backgammon together in the garden (in the summer evenings)", says this letter.

Philip does not leave unsolved the dilemma of the house where Christopher was born. He defines it quite well in a letter dated November 19, 1963, where he says that Kristoforidhi was born in the house where his son-in-law, Dhimitër Bibaja, later lived: "Museum - You tell me that Elbasan's old age has made up his mind to stand up or I translate Mima's house as a museum, where I left it. This opinion is pleasant because it appears to be a reward and a memory for the Elbasan dietitian, the founder of the Albanian language". In fact, a little further down he will also give the house where Kristoforidhi died, which was also the house of Taq Buda.

Philip even wrote two dedications that, according to him, should be placed in the house where the linguist was born. Through a letter addressed to Thanas Konomi, Filipi conveys two ideas for the inscriptions that should be placed in Kristoforidih's house-museum, one of which: "Kostandin Ndelka was born here in this house, in 1830, or Kristoforidih, the nickname he used for his works ".