Academicians of Albania pledge to increase the quality of scientific publications

At the Albanian Academy of Sciences, the president of this institution, academician Skënder Gjinushi, met editors-in-chief of Albanian journals. Chief Academician Gjinushi has presented the measures that have been proposed by the working group set up to assess the current situation and to concretize the necessary changes for the entry of academic journals into international scientific communication, their indexing according to the required standards, the functioning of publishing councils and scientific editors, the respect of transparent procedural rules, which, in essence, aim to increase the quality of research and scientific publications.

"The working group will soon present proposals for changes to existing regulations, guidelines for structuring articles in accordance with international indexing requirements, recommendations for choosing possible platforms for application, choosing a unique system of references, regulating periodicity, of reports between editors and authors, local and foreign researchers", the announcement reads. It is written there that academician Gjinushi has announced that several measures will be implemented quickly, according to an approved calendar, including the digital publication of journals on dedicated pages, the choice of an anti-plagiarism platform, the application of secret review, the regulation of editorial reports- authors, renewal of publishing boards and others.

"Some of the journals, such as 'Studia albanica', 'Albanian studies' and 'AJNTS', try to quickly index internationally, while other journals advance in the internal registration according to the approved regulation", Gjinushi is quoted as saying.

The editors-in-chief detailed their concerns about the difficult process of transitioning to the digital publishing era, including the need to register an academic digital publishing house.