The Academy of Sciences of Albania pledges to support the Albanian heritage in Montenegro and the Presheva Valley

The President of the Academy of Sciences of Albania, Skënder Gjinushi, hosted the President of the National Council of Albanians in Montenegro, Faik Nika, and the President of the Association of Albanian Intellectuals of the Presheva Valley, Xhemaledin Salihu. AShSh has offered support and appreciation to the Albanian heritage in Montenegro and the Presheva Valley. Cooperation has been requested from Nika for the organization of joint conferences and promotions, for the presence of academic publications in the only Albanian bookstore in Ulcinj and in the city library, for the participation of Albanian authors as drafters of texts for teaching about national history by starting from manuals with a complementary character to the official programs, as well as support for meeting the requirements for identity and spiritual development.

The chairman of the Association of Albanian Intellectuals, Xhemaledin Salihu, has spoken about the experiences of the association he leads, emphasizing that the problems of Albanians in the Presheva Valley, although a continuation of the same organizational traditions as in the community of Albanians in Montenegro, are more complicated.

He said that more comprehensive support is expected from Albania and Kosovo for the development of Albanian in schools, the teaching of national history, the discovery and promotion of identity values, etc.

Chairman Gjinushi has assured that the Academy's support for strengthening the councils and associations they lead will always be unstinting.

He emphasized that the Albanians in the Presheva Valley, in terms of heritage and identity, have the right to demand the same as Belgrade demands for the Serbs in Kosovo. Responding to requests for a stimulating role related to identity and heritage on the part of the Academy of Sciences, President Gjinushi said that "the compilation of the 'Albanian Encyclopedia', a major work in Albanianology, is an opportunity of primary importance to be given to Albanians in the Presheva Valley and in Montenegro all the place and space they deserve: in history, traditions, culture and arts, be it as personalities, be it as events or developments".

"Albanian heritage in Montenegro and the Presheva Valley, according to the territorial division of work between the two local newsrooms, is followed by the Prishtina newsroom, but in any case we are ready to help them and you to help us for a dignified presentation. The same applies to the "History of the Albanians" project, an integral work that is being completed. But the next step could be the drafting of more localized stories, such as 'History of Albanians in the Presheva Valley' or in Montenegro, which is another opportunity to tell our truths", he is quoted as saying. "The 'big dictionary of Albanian' is coming to an end, but dialects and dialects are complementary heritage and will always serve for enrichment", he said. It is promised that the publications of the Academy will be in the public library of the city, at the service of intellectuals and researchers.

"Signing a memorandum is feasible, but it is more useful that every beginning of the year we make the program of activities known to each other and on their basis identify the activities where we should be present", said Gjinushi.