Four films about the four members of "The Beatles"

The well-known British director and screenwriter Sam Mendes has warned that by 2027 he will shoot and release four feature films about "The Beatles", one for each member of the most popular group in the history of music. Mendes - who won an Oscar for directing 1999's American Beauty, directed two of James Bond's best-known films, as well as a series of blockbusters such as 1917 and Revolutionary Road - said four films, will be realized and connected in an "innovative and revolutionary" way. He specified that he will make a story for each member and they will be released together in 2027, while the films will be connected to each other with the stories from each member's perspective.

The project has received the approval of Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr, as well as the families of late members John Lennon and George Harrison. This is the first time that they, as the rights holder, the record company "Apple", have allowed the artistic screenplay and the rights to the music for a film that is not a documentary but is based on a script. The names of the screenwriter and the artists have not yet been made public.