The Albanian government is committed to transparency in the management of Butrint

The change in the way of administration of the Butrint National Park has sparked a debate in Albania since 2020. Recently, the debate has started to return. For this reason, the Minister of Economy, Innovation and Culture, Blendi Gonxhja, reacted by saying that he will pay maximum attention to the good administration of the challenging process of changing the management model of Butrint National Park.

"In the capacity of the minister responsible for cultural heritage and at the same time as the chairman of the Management Board of the Foundation for the Management of Butrint (due to the function), he ensured public opinion for the commitment and maximum attention for the good administration of the challenging process of changing the property management model cultural universal of Butrint National Park, in full implementation of international standards and the Albanian legal framework in force", wrote Gonxhja in response.

According to him, he also appreciates the role of AADF in the excellent cooperation for achieving the optimal preconditions in the support of the Butrint Management Foundation for the precious investment in the absorption of the best contemporary, technical and professional expertise, "worthy of the importance of the property the world in question, and necessary for the success of this extraordinary enterprise where the Albanian state is the leader, in the interest of the public interest and where the key word will be transparency and inclusiveness".

In May 2022, the Parliamentary Economy Committee of the Assembly of Albania approved the agreement for the administration of sub-areas of cultural heritage and cultural landscape, part of the Butrint National Park, between the Ministry of Culture and the Butrint Management Foundation.

The then Minister of Culture, Elva Margariti, present at the Commission, announced that the conclusion of the administration agreement, between the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Albania and the Foundation for the Management of Butrint, aims at effective administration, according to an administration model, which aims to conserve, protect and increase the values ​​of the cultural heritage of the heritage sub-zone and the cultural landscape of the national park of Butrint.

"Butrinti will continue to be the property of the state through this new form of management. It will be administered through a special foundation established by the Albanian state and the Albanian-American Foundation for Development, which is one of the main partners in the field of cultural heritage in Albania", Margariti was quoted as saying.

According to her, the Ministry of Culture continues to carry the monitoring tag.

"The approval of this agreement is a sure step for the protection and promotion of Butrint, as one of our greatest cultural and spiritual assets", she said.

On the other hand, the DP deputy, Ina Zhupa, had stated that the model of Butrint, where a private foundation takes over, does not exist in any country.

According to her, in the Albanian model, the minority representatives of the state are not in their state capacity, but as individuals.