"The Earth Within Me" recounts identity stories in Britain's "Raindance".

The film "Toka brenda meje" directed and written by Fisnik Maxville will be premiered in England tomorrow as part of the program of the film festival "Raindance". In addition, the film competes in two categories

The journey to different countries of the film "The Land Within" directed by Fisnik Maxville continues a year after its world premiere.

The narrative in the film about returning to the homeland, the first love and the confrontation with the past and the present will be revealed to the English public today, Friday. The independent film festival "RainDance", considered one of the largest of its kind, is the next address.

The director of the film, Fisnik Maxville, has said that all the tickets for the film have already been sold. He considered the participation in the English festival important because of the quality of the films that are presented in their program.

"I am hoping that the film will have great interest, even though as far as I understood this morning, all the tickets have been sold. It has been a great honor for us that the film is scheduled on Friday at 20:00, which is really a 'prime time' for us. It is very important to participate in this festival, because there are very few films that are extremely good", said the director and screenwriter of the film.

The film "Toka brenda meje" in this year's edition of the Festival with a 31-year tradition competes in the category for the Best Director, as well as for the "Discovery Award". While in the latter, Maxville's film competes with seven other films, in that for director it is in competition with the Irish director Jack Hudson for the film "Day of the fight" and with the Spanish director Isabel Cioxet who competes with the film "Un amor ".

The film, which is a co-production between Kosovo and Switzerland, premiered everywhere, where it was also awarded with prizes. According to Maxville, the most important was the main award - "Best Film" - at the 15th edition of "Pri Film Fest", which was held this September.

"It's almost a year now that the film has been traveling since it premiered in 'Tallinn' last year in November, this year we actually had some very nice premieres, like in Switzerland at some festivals and we had the premiere in Mexico . For me, perhaps the most important thing was that we participated in 'PriFest', where we won as the Best Film", said Maxville.

His film also opened this year's program of the international film festival "PriFest" where it was premiered locally.

This year, Kosovo did not have a candidate for the "Oscar" award. In the tenth year of the opportunity to have a candidate, the Selection Committee of the Cinematographic Center of Kosovo in September assessed that this year's competitors are not worthy of participation.

Committee members: Veton Nurkollari, Kaltrina Krasniqi, Sevdije Kastrati, Doruntina Basha, Fatmir Spahiu, Kushtrim Hoxha and Yllka Brada had reviewed the applications for "Toka brenda meje" directed by Fisnik Maxville, "Albanian Virgin" directed by Bujar Alimani, " I love you more" by director Erblin Nushi and the documentary "Actors of Cannes" by director Mentor Spahiu.

In a conversation with KOHEN, Maxville commented on the decision not to send a local film to "Oscar" this year.

"It was really a very difficult decision for me and not only personally, but for the whole industry it was incorrect because I think it should be promoted more. I know that there are some complaints that it is understood what happened, what are the complaints about why Kosovo did not send a film to the 'Oscars'. It was a very difficult moment for me and for the industry, because I think that any film that would go to present Kosovo would show that we are active, that we have films and that we are making films that are being shown in international countries. Unfortunately, it was a very difficult decision", said director Maxville.

The English premiere will be followed by a question and answer session with the audience and the artistic community.

The film takes place in 2008, where the exhumation of remains in a village mass grave brings secrets from the past.

“A complex examination of family dynamics set against the backdrop of ethnic conflict. The film takes place over two timelines – one in the present, where Remo is finally able to deal with his unresolved issues, and one in the past, when baby Remo's fate is changed after a family tragedy. Guilt and hatred are themes perfectly symbolized by the wolves that surround the village, leaving Una paralyzed until they are defeated," wrote the curator of films at the Raindance festival for "The land within".

The film had its world premiere at the Tallinn Black Nights Film Festival in Estonia in November last year. There he received the first prize for the Best Artistic Film.

The narrative in the film is about Remo, a role played by Florist Bajgora, an immigrant from the Swiss state. Next to him, the main role is Una, played by Luana Bajrami. She takes care of her father who is immobile and cannot speak. While the mass graves are the denominator of everything, it is known that they are the product of an inter-ethnic hatred. Remo himself is the son of an Albanian and a Serb, who were killed because of inter-ethnic hatred.

The actors also play in the film: Arta Muçaj, Armend Smajli, Luan Jaha, Irena Aliu, Kumrije Hoxha, Meli Qena, Çun Lajçi and others.

The next chapter comes the nomination for two awards at "Raindance" in England, an event that this edition is holding from October 25 to November 4 in the center of London. According to the Festival, the event attracts around 16 visitors every year, including 500 film industry professionals.

"'Raindance' is the UK's largest independent film festival. Holding its 31st edition in 2023, 'Raindance' has taken its place in the heart of London's buzzing film district. 'Raindance Film Festival' has been officially recognized by the US Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, the British Academy of Film and Television Arts and the 'British Independent Film Awards'. The shortlisted films will be eligible for selection by 'Oscar' and BAFTA", reads the presentation of the event on their website.