The committee reviewed the Draft Law on textbooks, the opposition says it was approved without a quorum

The Parliamentary Commission for Education has examined the Draft Law on school textbooks, for which the opposition MPs say that it was approved in the first reading without a quorum. The Chairman of the Education Committee and the Minister of Education justified the continuation of the procedure until the final approval of the Draft Law

The deputies of the ruling party have approved in the Committee for Education 11 amendments to the Draft Law on school textbooks, the voting of which in the first reading has been called illegal by the opposition.

According to the lawmakers of the opposition parties, in the plenary session of March 7, the draft law was approved in principle without a sufficient quorum in the hall. The reason for this, on Friday, they boycotted the meeting of the parliamentary committee where this draft law was examined.

However, the chairman of the Commission, Ardian Gola, said that the forum he leads does not have the authority to stop the proceeding of the Draft Law, as long as the chairman of the Assembly has determined its approval in principle.

"If there is something controversial as it is being raised by the opposition, then it is precisely the Commission for Legislation, Mandates and Regulations of the Assembly that has the mandate to interpret a specific case whether the regulations have been violated or not. Therefore, we as a commission do not dare to stop the automation of this procedure", stated Gola. 

The Minister of Education, Arbërie Nagavci, said that the support of this bill is in the general interest since, according to her, the document will bring quality to education. She also denied the opposition's claims regarding the legality of the voting procedure of the draft law in the first reading.

"There is no doubt that the texts need to be improved and the PDK or anyone else who intends to work for the benefit of our children should present arguments and not slander. What we have done with this law is that as the Government we have managed to finalize a law that for at least ten years, all governments have started as work and have never finalized. It is better that they tell us what their reasons are, what are the concrete reasons and not hinder the work in the interest of the general good", said Nagavci. 

In addition to the opposition, the issue of the legality of the vote has also been disputed by the deputies of the government, Visar Korenica and Eman Rrahmani.