The USA and Germany demand from Kosovo the formation of the Association

After the European Union and Great Britain, Kosovo and Serbia have also been criticized by the United States of America and Germany for not implementing the basic agreement. In a response from the diplomatic missions in Kosovo, disappointment was expressed for the lack of progress of the political will for the implementation of the agreement reached a year ago, while the formation of the Association was a specific request.

The United States of America and Germany have requested the formation of the Association of municipalities with a Serbian majority, as the next action from Kosovo.

They have criticized Kosovo and Serbia for the lack of progress and political will towards the implementation of the basic agreement, agreed a year ago, representatives from the USA and Germany emphasized that it is legally binding.

A spokesperson at the American Embassy, ​​through a written response to KOHEN, has said that they are disappointed by both countries.

"The US position is consistent and clear - we expect Serbia and Kosovo to fully implement all obligations from the Basic Agreement and implementing annex, and to do so with commitment and urgency. For Kosovo, this means urgent progress in fulfilling the long-standing obligation to implement the Association of Serb-Majority Municipalities. It also means partnering with us in implementing the amended CBK regulation on cash operations in a way that minimizes any negative impact on the ethnic Serb minority community in Kosovo," the US Embassy statement said. in Prishtina.

The German Embassy in Kosovo said that the limited progress towards the implementation of the basic agreement and the implementation annex is regrettable.

"Kosovo should take the next step by establishing the Association of municipalities with a Serbian majority. Moreover, any kind of escalation in the north should be avoided. It is important to approach the Serbian community in Kosovo and involve them in the processes. What we are currently seeing with the hasty implementation of the CBK Regulation is the opposite of a comprehensive governance", said Christian Boettcher from the German Embassy in Pristina.

The USA and Germany have also mentioned the CBK Regulation for cash operations.

From the American Embassy they requested cooperation for its implementation and from the German Embassy they saw its implementation as hasty and contrary to comprehensive governance.

Tuesday marks one year since the agreement between Kosovo and Serbia on what is known as the Basic Agreement. Both countries have been equally blamed by the European Union for its non-implementation.

Great Britain has also requested the implementation of the obligations obtained from the February 27 Agreement.