The parties meet in Brussels, Lajcaku announces other meetings on the CBK Regulation

The Kosovo delegation, headed by the governor of the Central Bank, held a separate meeting in Brussels with the European emissary for dialogue, Miroslav Lajçak, and then with the Serbian delegation, represented by financial experts. After this meeting that ended in the afternoon, the emissary Lajçak said that other meetings are needed to resolve the issue of the CBK Regulation since, as he said, many political questions have remained unanswered

Meetings were held in Brussels today, which the European Union considered to be part of the dialogue, to find a solution on the use of currency in Kosovo, which would not have consequences for the Serbian population.

But the meeting was not of a political level, because Kosovo was represented by the governor of the Central Bank, Ahmet Ismaili. Meanwhile, Serbia was represented at the meeting by the delegation led by Petar Petkoviqi.

First, the delegations had separate meetings with the special envoy of the European Union for dialogue, Miroslav Lajcak, and then a joint meeting, but only at the level of financial experts.

In this meeting of experts were the representatives of the Ministry of Finance of Serbia and the delegation led by the head of the Central Bank of Kosovo.

The Governor of CBK clarified the positions he expressed in this meeting.

He has emphasized that the technical modalities have been discussed on how "the financing of Serbian citizens from Serbia, through legal and transparent channels in the bank accounts of the beneficiaries in euros, based on the CBK proposal sent to the People's Bank of Serbia" can continue.

"There is nothing else, nor have we accepted other discussions. The regulation is in force and will not be changed", said Ismaili, in an answer to KOHEN.

Meanwhile, the head of the Serbian delegation, Petar Petkovic, who is said to have not been to the meeting of experts, repeated the criticism towards Kosovo that by refusing to come to this meeting on a political level, it proves that it is not interested in elections. according to him. He also repeated the positions that have often been proven by Serbia that the decision of the CBK is Kurt's decision to expel the Serbs from Kosovo, according to him. Petkovic said that the decision has a political character, it has political consequences and therefore a political solution must be found.

Meanwhile, the EU envoy for dialogue, Miroslav Lajçak, only in a post on social networks said that the meeting was at the right level within the dialogue, but added that there is a need for other meetings and for a search for a solution. policy on this issue.

"I welcome the commitment of the parties to find sustainable solutions for the communities affected by the latest CBK Regulation. Today's dialogue meeting was an important first step, but many political questions remain unanswered. Additional meetings will be needed", Lajçak wrote in "X" after the meeting.