Kurti: My country is called the Republic of Kosovo, not "Kosova and Metohija"

Prime Minister Albin Kurti has reacted to the Prime Minister of Serbia, Ana Bärnabić, who at the Summit for Investments in the Western Balkans in London, while talking about the economic development in her country, referred to Kosovo as "Kosova and Metohija" and as part of Serbia. Kurti said that his country is called the Republic of Kosovo

The reference of the Prime Minister of Serbia, Ana Bërnabić, to Kosovo as "Kosova and Metohija" at the Investment Summit in the Western Balkans in London, has prompted the reaction of Prime Minister Albin Kurti.

In the discussion panel, Kurti said that if this logic were to be followed, then Serbia would have to be referred to differently.

"My country is called the Republic of Kosovo and not, as it is referred to here, 'Kosova and Metohija'. If I were to go this way, it would take me a lot of time, because apart from Serbia, I would have to say Serbia and Vojvodina, Sanjak, Toplica Rashka and the Presheva Valley. Better to focus on the economy", Kurti emphasized.

Kurti recalled that Kosovo as an independent state is recognized by 117 countries from all over the world, including 22 of the 27 members of the European Union, 27 of 31 of NATO and three of its four neighbors.

Prime Minister Kurti's reaction was prompted by Bernabiqi's statement, which, while talking about economic developments in Serbia, referred to Kosovo as part of it.

Dec 2: Ana Brnabić – Prime Minister of Serbia

"When I say central Serbia, it is the second time I am using this term, I mean Serbia that does not include in the statistics our autonomous province of Kosovo and Metohija, which of course we consider part of Serbia. This is politics, now we are talking about the economy and it is important for me to talk only about the economy", stated Bërnabiq.

During the Summit, Kurti also spoke about the support that Kosovo has offered to Ukraine and that, as he said, he expects that "as soon as possible it will win the war with Russia".

"We have imposed sanctions, we want Ukraine to win this war. "Ukraine is the winner and we need the world and democratic Europe to see the defeat of the Kremlin and the despotic Putin," Kurti said.

The Investment Summit in the Western Balkans, organized by the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development, has gathered leaders of six countries: Albania, Kosovo, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Montenegro, North Macedonia and Serbia.