Technical workers of UP go on strike

With the request for a salary increase over 400 euros, the technical workers at the University of Pristina, engaged by private companies, went on strike. The Rectors said that they cannot fulfill such a request. And, the chief trade unionist of private workers, Jusuf Azemi, said that they will not back down from the request

Some of the premises of the University of Prishtina (UP) were not cleaned on Wednesday, as the technical workers engaged by private companies went on strike with the demand for a salary increase.

They started the strike on Friday, but on Wednesday they intensified it by not working at all, since, as they say, their request was not taken into account.

Atifete Makolli, a technical worker at the Faculty of Philology facility, said that they have always been violated and not treated well.

"I had a salary of 78 euros at that time, and for the past 22 years I have had 250 euros. Now calculate how much our salary has reached here. For us civilian staff, especially for us cleaning very very poorly. I don't know how we manage with this salary", said Makolli.

Even Bukurije Krasniqi, who works as a technician at the Faculty of Education facility, complains about the difficult conditions they have at work. She says that with a salary of 257 euros you cannot live well anywhere.

"The biggest problem is that the prices have increased and nothing is coming out, nothing at all, except for some basic things that you can get with this salary and nothing else," said Krasniqi.

The Chairman of the Union of Independent Workers of the Private Sector, Jusuf Azemi, has stated that technical workers will not accept a salary below 400 euros.

"Will this strike be continued or will it be stopped, it's good to ask the rector because we have everything clear: without our demands being met we will stay here and we will not have assesi movement because I am saying we are not who we used to be two years ago when they told us 'if you want to work with me, work, if you don't want to go'", said Azemi.

The Rectorate of the University of Pristina did not give hope that the request of technical workers will be fulfilled. In this institution, they said that there is no budget, since an increase in staff is expected due to the construction of new facilities.

"An additional number of employees and additional hours of service are foreseen, as a reflection of the increase in external and internal physical spaces, as well as an increase in points for the guard. Therefore, even these parameters have not left room for a greater increase in the height of the minimum gross salary, as this would then affect the increase in the estimated value of the contract", it is emphasized in the response of the Rectorate.

And, the head unionist Azemi has announced that the physical security workers of the premises of the University of Pristina and those of the Student Center are also on strike, totaling 262 employees.