The Speaker decides to defend himself in silence

A document of the Assembly was accepted as evidence, based on which the current Speaker of the Parliament, Glauk Konjufca, was the one who in 2016 prevented the holding of a meeting of the Presidency by throwing tear gas. Konjufca's defense said that the evidence was not produced in accordance with the law

The minutes of the Presidency of the Assembly, where it is stated that the chairman of the LVV Parliamentary Group, Glauk Konjufca, threw tear gas in hall C-301, making it impossible to hold the meeting, was accepted as material evidence in the judicial review held on Wednesday in the Court Basic in Pristina.

In this case, the Basic Prosecutor's Office in Pristina claims that Konjufca, who is now the Speaker of the Assembly, on August 10, 2016, when he was the head of LVV deputies, threw tear gas in a meeting where it was expected to be included in the Assembly's agenda. approval of the Demarcation Agreement with Montenegro.

Konjufca's lawyer, engaged on the basis of official duty, Arbnore Zeqiri, said that the evidence proposed by the Prosecution was not issued in accordance with the law.

"The prosecutor's office has never submitted a request before or after the end of the investigation to secure such evidence, which was possible to secure," said Zeqiri.

But judge Edita Çanta has assessed that the administration of this evidence serves the clarification of this criminal case.

"The proposal of the prosecutor's office regarding the administration of the record is approved", said judge Çanta.

Regarding the accusations, the Speaker has decided to defend himself in silence.

"Dear lady judge, I gave the main statement in the earlier stage of this process. I stick to that. Therefore, I am choosing the option of defense in silence", said Konjufca.

MP Pal Lekaj, who at that time was the head of the AAK parliamentary group, testified earlier in the session. Lekaj, as the last witness in this process, said that he does not remember the disruption of the Presidency meeting with tear gas.

"I don't remember that a meeting of the presidency was interrupted. I don't remember that date", said Lekaj.

This case, for which the indictment was filed in 2017, is nearing its end. The final word is set for February 23.

The Basic Prosecutor's Office in Prishtina, in the indictment of 2017, also accused the current Speaker of the Assembly of obstructing an official during the performance of official duties, but that this charge was prescribed in 2022.

In 2016, the Vetëvendosje Movement, together with the Alliance for the Future of Kosovo and the Social Democratic Initiative, opposed the Association of Serb-majority municipalities and the voting of the Demarcation Agreement with Montenegro, even using tear gas in the premises of the Assembly. Kosovo.