Kurti calls the accusations of favoring some municipalities unsustainable

In the meeting between the representatives of the Government and those of the municipalities, Prime Minister Albin Kurti was praised for the increase in the budget for the local level. In the meeting that was boycotted by almost half of the municipalities, he called the accusations of favoritism in support of the municipalities led by the Vetëvendosje movement unsustainable.

Prime Minister Albin Kurti emphasized on Wednesday that the Government he leads offers equal support to all municipalities, he spoke about the increase in the budget for the local level in the meeting with mayors and representatives of the municipalities, which was boycotted by almost half of them.

In the meeting in which 28 of the 15 representative municipalities sent representatives, Kurti said that this year's budget for municipalities amounts to 742 million euros, which is almost 90 million euros higher than the previous year.

And he called the accusations of favoritism in support of municipalities led by the Vetëvendosje Movement as unsustainable.

"We are continuously hearing accusations and criticism about the lack of support of municipalities from the Government or inequality of support. Neither one nor the other stays. Therefore, since we are here, in the spirit of cooperation, none of us should contribute to misinforming the citizens", Prime Minister Kurti said.

He emphasized that this year each municipality has a budget that is at least 40 percent higher than three years ago.

"The total grant for municipalities for 2024 amounts to 284.7 million euros, which is the largest grant ever. The municipalities of Ferizaj and Gjakova are the municipalities with the most infrastructural projects, while Obiliqi, Skenderaj and Rahoveci are listed in the top three municipalities benefiting from the municipal performance grant that is allocated by the Ministry of Administration and Local Government", the Prime Minister emphasized.

The Minister of Local Government Administration, Elbert Krasniqi, said during the meeting that government support for municipalities is continuously increasing.

"It is important when we have such a format of discussions, and moreover now regular ones where we can discuss the challenges of the municipalities, the project process and their initiatives in the future. As never before, the budget of the municipalities has increased", Minister Krasniqi said.

In the sixth meeting of this format with the municipalities, the prime minister requested the coordination of local authorities for the population census process, which is expected to begin in April. After the short presentation, the meeting was closed to the public.