The opposition criticizes the Government for jeopardizing the partnership with allies, the government sees no danger

For jeopardizing the partnership with the USA and other allies, representatives of the opposition parties again criticized the Government. According to them, relations with partners have not been worse since the CBK Regulation banning the Serbian dinar came into force. And, Speaker of the Parliament Glauk Konjufca said that the criticism of the USA is always appropriate, but he emphasized that the relations with the allied countries are not a cause for concern.

The Speaker of the Assembly, Glauk Konjufca, has given the right to the representatives of the United States for the criticism made to Kosovo, after the entry into force of the Regulation of the Central Bank (CBK) banning the Serbian dinar.

However, he assessed as exaggerated the declarations of harming Kosovo's relations with the allies.

"I think that these are not the reports to worry and panic about. I think that the reports are beyond these changes in perception that we have about how to act in the north of Kosovo. We fully understand the remarks and criticisms that the US gives us. They are always valid criticism", said Speaker Konjufca.

And, the opposition parliamentary parties have repeatedly criticized the Government, which they have accused of jeopardizing relations with the main allies of the state.

After the meeting of the Presidency of the Assembly, representatives of the opposition parties said that there is a mismanagement of the situation by the Government, after the implementation of the CBK Regulation, which recognizes only the euro as a currency for cash operations in Kosovo.

The head of deputies of the Alliance for the Future of Kosovo (AAK), Besnik Tahiri, said that relations with the EU and the USA have been hurt.

"It is not the problem that they have been endangered. The problem is that Kosovo's relations with the European Union and the USA have never been worse. This is a universally known topic. Kosovo is under sanctions, while the United States of America treats Kosovo not as a partner, but as a party to the discussion," he said.

The same criticism was expressed by the deputy of the Democratic Party (PDK), Blerta Deliu - Kodra, who said that this year's anniversary of Independence was celebrated without international friends.

"We have been asking for some time now, at a time when Kosovo is under sanctions and when Kosovo is violating alliances with partners more and more every day, just to have coordination and clarity in our Euro-Atlantic journey", she said.

But, despite criticism of the Government, AAK representatives have said that the Serbian dinar should not circulate in Kosovo.

"The dinar cannot and does not dare to be a currency in the northern part and in any part of Kosovo", said Besnik Tahiri.

And, in PDK, even more than 20 days since the Regulation came into force, they still haven't divided their minds on whether or not the dinar should be banned.

"We have said that there should be coordination, because I said it, the decision is constitutional, but we cannot move forward if, as Kosovo, we do not coordinate our agendas with our partners", said deputy Blerta Deliu-Kodra.

The declarations were made after the meeting of the Presidency of the Assembly, which failed due to lack of quorum, since the vice-presidents Saranda Bogujevci and Kujtim Shala were not present.

The opposition criticized the government for managing the work of the Assembly. With the competence of the chairman, the continuation of the session was scheduled for Thursday, with 30 items on the agenda, collected from the previous sessions.