The former physical security workers of KEK with an ultimatum

The former physical security workers of KEK have continued their protests to demand the return to this corporation. If this is not done by the end of the month, they warn that they will not wear any uniforms of private companies. KEK officials have said that they have no legal possibility to reorganize this service within the Corporation.

The former physical security workers of the Kosovo Energy Corporation have said that they will not wear the uniform of any private company if they do not return to KEK by the end of this month.

Through a protest on Tuesday, they also addressed accusations against the management of this corporation for corruption. According to them, through tenders for physical security, KEK officials earn millions of euros illegally.

"Tendering has been done illegally for 20 years and today it is still being tendered illegally. Recently, we also have a report of the Internal Auditor, which shows that it is not in accordance with the account. Therefore, we are suspecting that there are tricks and corruption here, and this is the reason why tenders are being tendered from now on", said the chairman of the New Trade Union in KEK, Nexhat Llumnica.

According to him, the agreement before 20 years ago was for physical insurance workers to be loaned for a term of 2 plus 1 year.

"Therefore, they should be returned to the Energy Corporation of Kosovo. We also have arguments for this, and today these workers, as a result of economic operators who continuously receive tenders and as a result of KEK's mismanagement, today, on February 20, these workers did not receive their January salary. Therefore, once again, I appeal to the Government of the Republic of Kosovo, which, when it was in opposition, supported us for this legal right, because this department has not been privatized".

And, the representative of physical security workers, Nexhat Murati, has emphasized that even their loan to private companies was illegal.

"These people are continuing with an old and corrupt tender where the profits are normally very large from these KEK people. So he sent us back to KEK, where we belong, they can't get me these tenders, they can't even get money for apartments", said Nexhat Murati.

Meanwhile, KEK officials through a clarification have said that based on the documentation they inherited, the former defense and security was separated from this corporation 20 years ago, according to the strategy approved by the Assembly of Kosovo.

"Based on the documentation we have, none of the former workers of this former unit that was debauched in 2004 have an employment contract with KEK sh.a. In these circumstances, from a legal point of view, the workers in question have no opportunity to pretend to be employees of the legal entity KEK sh.a., since they have moved to private companies before KEK sh.a. was registered. as a corporation in 2005", says KEK's clarification.

Furthermore, KEK officials have emphasized that they have no legal option for the reorganization of this service within the Corporation.

"Furthermore, every new employment of workers in KEK sh. a. it must be done in accordance with the Labor Law and other by-laws, such as the Ministry of Education and Culture's Instruction on the creation of employment relationships in the public sector (2011/14) for new hires. In this regard, taking into account the aforementioned facts and based on the laws in force, KEK sh.a. there is no legal possibility for the reorganization of this service within the Corporation".

Physical workers have given a deadline until the end of this month to return to KEK, otherwise they have warned that they will not wear any uniform of private companies