The Serbian witness says that his family members were taken from him by members of the KLA, mentions Jakup Krasniqin

In the judicial review of the case where the former leaders of the KLA General Staff are accused of war crimes and crimes against humanity, the 46th witness has concluded his testimony. The Serb from Rahoveci said that his family members were kidnapped by KLA members and that his mother mentioned the name of Jakup Krasniqi as the person who took their personal data.

The 46th witness, a Serb from the Rahovec region, testified in the Special Court about the detention of relatives and the disappearance of his father and brother in the court case where the former leaders of the KLA General Staff are accused of crimes war and crimes against humanity.

The Office of the Specialized Prosecutor announced that four relatives of the witness, for whom the court decided to appear in person and voice, but not to reveal his name, were detained by members of the KLA in the Rahovec region. on July 17, 98.

Prosecutor Nico Baarlink emphasized that the father and brother of the witness were sent to Malishevë, while the mother, sister-in-law and newborn nephew were sent to the former police station.

"The mother of the witness could hear moans coming from the men held in the basement of the building. On the eighth day, the mother, sister-in-law and nephew of the witness were taken out of the building and placed on a bus, along with other women and children, next to Serbian men with their hands tied and their heads down. Witness 428's father and brother were not on the bus and the witness never saw them again. At this point, the mother, sister-in-law and nephew of the witness were separated from the men and released after a few days," said Baarlink.

The witness said that the bodies of the missing family members were found after the war.

"Did you at any time receive any confirmation that your father and brother were no longer alive?" Baarlink said.

"We received this confirmation in 2007, a month before my mother died. We were told that his DNA was found on some remains, and that they were actually the remains of my father and brother...", said the 46th witness.

He emphasized that the mother had mentioned a person named Jakup Krasniqi as a member of the KLA.

"Witness, I am telling you that in the statement that your mother gave, she never stated that Jakup Krasniqi took her personal data or that he interrogated her. This does not match what you are saying. Is that so?” - asked Krasniqi's lawyer, Aidan Ellis.

"As I explained, the mother told me that Jakup Hoti was the one who opened and closed the cell door, brought food to the baby and so on. And Jakup Krasniqi took note of their data, he did not interrogate them further, he simply introduced himself as Jakup Krasniqi and give me the data, your name, first name, last name. This is what my mother told me, I am not making this up," said the witness.

When answering the questions of the defense, the witness confirmed that he works in the Ministry of the Interior of Serbia, but denied that this instance influenced his testimony.

He expressed one hundred percent sure that it was the KLA that, as he said, kidnapped his family members, since in the received report, after receiving their bodies, he emphasized that it was seen that they had been executed.

After him, the testimony continued by Hajrush Kurtaj, former brigade commander in the Nerodima Zone, who denied that he received orders from the General Staff during the war.