Civil society demands from the Ministry accountability for gender-based violence

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As part of the campaign against gender-based violence, the "National Program for the treatment of perpetrators of violence against women" was launched on Wednesday, which aims to change the violent behavior of the perpetrators. Civil society representatives have said that the Ministry of Justice, which is the organizer of this campaign, should take responsibility for eliminating violence.

The Ministry of Justice has been asked for more responsibility in combating gender-based violence by representatives of civil society. Accountability was requested on the fifth day of the "16 days of activism" campaign, which is organized precisely by the MoD and which, according to it, aims to raise awareness and prevent gender-based violence.

Luljeta Demolli, director of the Kosovar Center for Gender Studies, said that Minister Albulena Haxhiu is using the platform of civil society, but, according to her, the Ministry should be in the role of accountability.