Two arrested for throwing a grenade last November in Pristina

Police tape

PHOTO: Illustration

A 19-year-old and a 21-year-old have been arrested as suspects for throwing a hand grenade last November on "Fahri Fazliu" street in Pristina. 

According to the Police announcement, they were arrested on Tuesday and are suspected of the criminal offense of "causing general danger". 

The case happened on November 22, 2023 at around 23:45 p.m. Then two people had declared to the Police that their property had been damaged by the explosion. 

Now those arrested with the ruling on the detention of the suspect issued by the state prosecutor are said to have been sent to the detention center for 48 hours.

"The arrest of the suspects; Sh. S., male, 19 years old, citizen of the Republic of Kosovo, KS, male, 21 years old, citizen of the Republic of Kosovo, respectively ensuring their presence, came as a result of undertaking the necessary operational-police actions, in the framework of the investigative process of this case. While the police are working to fully clarify the circumstances of the event, an investigation has been initiated against the suspects with the authorization of the state prosecutor in terms of the criminal offenses of "causing general danger", from Article 356, as well as, "keeping in ownership, control or unauthorized possession of weapons", from article 366", the Police announcement states.