Action against moneylenders in Gjilan, the 2 arrested caused €600 damage to one person


The Kosovo Police, Directorate for the Investigation of Organized Crime and Serious Crimes, on Friday launched an action against loan sharks in three different locations in the Gjilan region.

According to the Police, this police operation was carried out after the undertaking of operative investigative actions in cooperation and coordination with the Special Prosecutor's Office of the Republic of Kosovo, with the aim of identifying and arresting suspected persons involved in the criminal offenses of "extortion" and "coercion".

In this action, according to the Police, two suspects were arrested and one is wanted by the police. They are suspected of causing material damage worth 600 euros to a person. 

"During the investigation of this case, two suspects were arrested, one remains wanted by the police, and evidence was found that the suspects allegedly committed the criminal offenses of usury and coercion for which they were investigated. The arrested persons are suspected to have exerted pressure and threats on the victim with the aim of obtaining interest from the activity of usury and as a result of illegal actions the suspected persons have caused material damage to the victim in the amount of over 600.000 euros", it is stated in the notification.


During the police operation, as material evidence, it is said that three cars, sports motorcycles, weapons and ammunition, euro banknotes, various documents and other material evidence were seized, which will be used in the criminal proceedings against the suspects.

This action was carried out after yesterday's operation against usury in the region of Peja and Pristina.