Customs with control operations in several locations, seizes goods


Kosovo Customs has carried out several control operations during this week which have led to the discovery of various illegal activities in several different locations of the country. 

In Fushë-Kosovo, the Customs officials have organized a control in a subject. During this inspection, a space for the production/falsification of goods and goods without a clear origin was discovered. 

Specifically, the following were seized: 9,560 pieces of T-shirts for adults with different brands; 4,300 pieces of paper labels with the inscription of well-known firms; Some sewing machines.

Subsequently, criminal charges were filed for prohibited trade, unauthorized production and consumer fraud.

In Mitrovica, customs units have carried out an inspection in an entity dealing with the sale of used vehicles. During this control, 37 different non-customs-cleared vehicles were identified, which the subject intended to use for spare parts.

"The vehicles have been sent for verification to see if they are required, and after the completion of this procedure, the case will be handled further in coordination with the Prosecutor's Office", the Customs announcement states.

And, in Gjilan, the Customs has carried out an inspection in another entity, after receiving information through operational channels. During this control, goods without documentation were discovered and seized, which are suspected to have been smuggled into Kosovo. 

The seized goods include: 10 different motorcycle helmets - new; 16 different motorcycle tires - new; 3 Pcs Yamaha Nmax Motorcycle Face Masks - Used.

Offense procedures have been initiated against the party.