A 28-year-old man from Albania is arrested in Ferizaj, he is suspected of robbing five bars during the night


Photo: Illustration

The Kosovo police have announced that they have arrested ED, a citizen of Albania, who was committing theft in a bar in Ferizaj in the early hours of Saturday. Earlier in the night, he allegedly committed thefts in four other bars. While it is being suspected for earlier cases. 

According to the announcement, the Police received information at 03:55 that on "Gjon Serreqi" street, a person had forcibly entered a bar and was in the process of stealing it.

"Police teams immediately went in the direction of 'Gjon Serreqi' street and managed to surround the area and the bar, while in the act they arrested the suspect ED, male, citizen of Albania, aged 28 and escorted him to the station of the police in Ferizaj", the announcement states.

At 09:00, some citizens have reported four more cases of "serious thefts" in the premises, allegedly committed by the 28-year-old on "Enver Topalli", "12 Qershori" and "Gjon Serreqi" streets.

He is suspected of having been involved in several other cases of "serious theft" in Ferizaj.

The suspect was detained for 48 hours.