The police take the driver's license from the two young people who were racing

Driver's license - police

The police in Ferizaj have punished two drivers who were doing speed races on Friday. 

Around 21:00 on the street "Driton Islami" in Ferizaj, the Police stopped the 23-year-old BO and the 20-year-old AR, who were speed racing with their cars, endangering the traffic participants.

For them, the police issued a fine for misdemeanors according to the road traffic law, with a penalty of 500 euros, 5 negative points and removal of the driver's license for 12 months.

"On this occasion, the Regional Police in Ferizaj appeals to vehicle drivers to respect traffic signs and rules. Such actions directly endanger their lives and those of other traffic participants and invite citizens to cooperate with the police", says the KP announcement.