He ran away from the police, telling them he was going to get his ID card, and threw away a bag of grass

Kosovo Police [illustration]

Photo: Illustration

A person ran away from the police in Pristina after they stopped him for a check.

The suspect said that he was going into the house to get his ID card, but then he threw away a bag of marijuana while he ran away.

Police have not said they have identified or captured the suspect.

"It is reported that the police unit during the patrol encountered the Kosovar male suspect, who was stopped for identification and control. The same person asked the police officers to enter the house and get the ID card after the police had stopped him in front of his house. At the moment he entered the house, he threw from the window of the balcony at the back of the house a bag containing: a small digital scale and 7 packages of suspected narcotic marijuana weighing total 2004.4 grams (2 kilograms and 4.4 grams). The suspect left in an unknown direction. Regarding the case, the prosecutor has been notified", says the KP report.