Detention of the suspect for raping a girl with mental disabilities

Basic Prosecutor's Office, Ferizaj

Basic Prosecutor's Office, Ferizaj

The Basic Court in Ferizaj has assigned the measure of detention of one month to the defendant Xh.D. under suspicion of rape of a girl with mental disabilities.

According to a media release, it has been estimated that there is a based suspicion that on May 1 and 2, 2024 in Ferizaj, in a motel, the defendant forced the victim VC to perform a sexual act without her consent. According to the suspicions, the defendant lured the victim through the Facebook social network to meet in Kaçanik and then kept her locked up in a motel for two days. He is suspected of having physically abused the victim. After two days, the defendant allegedly sent the victim to the same place and left him on the street.

Detention is required for the Ferizaj man who allegedly raped a mentally disabled girl

The Basic Prosecutor's Office in Ferizaj has requested a month's detention for the person with the initials XH.D., who is suspected of having raped a girl with mental disabilities.

The suspect, who is from the village of Dubrava i Ferizaj, allegedly raped the victim on May 1 and 2 in a motel. He was detained by the Police today [Friday].

"There is a well-founded suspicion that on May 01 and 02, 2024, precisely at the "XXL" motel, the defendant Xh.D. intentionally forced the injured party - as a vulnerable victim due to mental disabilities, to commit sexual act and in order to convince her to perform a sexual act, the defendant also exerts physical violence against her and finally, after two days, the defendant in the same car that took the injured party takes her to the same place where he took her  and leaves him on the street, with which there is a well-founded suspicion that he has committed the criminal offense of 'Rape,'" the announcement of the Prosecutor's Office says.