The police seize 500 kg of smuggled tobacco


Customs, in cooperation with the Kosovo Police, prevented the smuggling of 500 packs of cigarettes and 300 kilograms of refuse tobacco on Wednesday. The same are suspected to have been smuggled from North Macedonia through mountain roads to the village of Lubishte in Vitia by a 47-year-old man with the initials SZ.

However, after the raid, 500 kilograms of tobacco worth 6000 euros were found in the suspect's house.

"During the control, 200 kg of processed Marlboro tobacco were seized from the suspect's house. In total, 500 kg of tobacco with a value of over €6.000 were seized, while the customs evasion amounts to over €20.000. Regarding the case, all actions were undertaken in cooperation with the State Prosecutor's Office, where by order of the prosecutor, the suspect was sent to the detention center for 48 hours, while the smuggled goods and the vehicle were seized and sent to the customs terminal-Dheu i Bardhë" , the announcement states.