Suspect ex-husband

A woman is killed in the Center for Social Work in Ferizaj, her brother is injured

Center for Social Work - Ferizaj

View from the scene

Photo: Agim Ademi

A woman was killed and a minor was injured by gunfire in front of the Center for Social Work in Ferizaj on Friday afternoon. The arrested suspect is the ex-husband of the victim. The injured is her brother. 

As announced by the Basic Prosecutor's Office in Ferizaj, VA has been detained for 48 hours under the suspicion of "murder". The police announced that the suspect is 36 years old.

"Regional investigators of the Kosovo Police in Ferizaj, in coordination with the State Prosecutor, went to the scene and the medical team confirmed the death of the victim. Within the legal term, to the same, the Basic Prosecution in Ferizaj will submit a request for the determination of the measure of detention for the above-mentioned criminal offense", it is stated in the notice of the Prosecution.

The police have also confirmed that the victim is EC, 21 years old. 15-year-old DC is the injured. 

The Director of Social Work in Ferizaj, Adelina Rexhepi-Braha, told the "Oath for Justice" that everything happened when the victim and the suspect met about the issue of the child at the PSC. She said that the mother brought the child to the center to make contact with the father, who, after meeting him for two hours, returned him to the center. She announced that while leaving the center, the man met his ex-wife, and then the tensions started. She said that the murder happened in front of the building of this center.

According to the Primary Emergency of the Main Center of Family Medicine, during the pronouncement of the "Oath for Justice", the injured is in a stable condition.