Two killed in Korça

Two people died in Korça on Wednesday evening, both killed by a firearm.

As the Police in Albania have said, it is suspected that one person first shot a man with a gun, and then committed suicide.

"On 28.02.2024, around 20:25, in neighborhood no. 18, Korçë, 'Koço Golniku' street, a still unidentified citizen, allegedly shot with a firearm the EP citizen, about 40 years old, a resident of Korçë, who died while being transported to the Korçë hospital. The suspected perpetrator of the crime, after shooting the 40-year-old, is suspected to have committed suicide with the crime weapon. Police services immediately went to the scene, where they found and seized as evidence the weapon of crime, the cartridges. The film footage from the security cameras has also been administered and is being reviewed", the Police told A2News.