10 years imprisonment for the defendant who helped kill a person in Gjakova


Photo: Illustration

The Basic Court in Gjakovë has sentenced the defendant P.Gj. to 10 years of imprisonment for assisting in the commission of the criminal offense of murder.

The court announced on Wednesday that the time spent in detention from February 16, 2021 to January 31, 2022 will also be credited to the defendant.

He is accused that on March 12, 2019, in the village of Marmull in Gjakova, he helped the accused A.Gj. to commit the murder against the deceased TB

The accused and the deceased had a dispute over property issues.

"After they disagreed, leaving the room, the deceased TB addressed you with the words that 'for this matter I will report you to the Police and the Court', and he got into his car and turned in the direction of Gjakova in order to move to go to his house, as he had stopped and was waiting and had asked the accused P. Gj. to move his car away, since the rest of the road was muddy and it was a open channel and he was unable to move his car. The accused, in order to hinder the movement of the deceased, did not move his car for which he had opened the driver's door and was standing there, because he was aware that the accused A. was coming from the house, since through the number phone number 044-...-..., had called the accused A. here, informing him and saying that 'I am at A. N's house'. On that occasion, he had taken the automatic rifle and when he arrived at the scene, he first shot at the vehicle of the now deceased, who, after getting out of the vehicle to leave, shot at him causing fatal injuries and after committing of the murder, the accused P. Gj., with his vehicle together with the accused A. leave the place of the event", it is stated in the notification of the Basic Court.