The person who was found dead under the elevator in Gjilan was reported missing in January

Injuries in Pristina

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The Basic Prosecutor's Office in Gjilan has provided details about the person who was found dead on Monday under the elevator of a residential building.

The person MH was reported as missing since January 9, and on February 26 around 23:00 p.m. he was found dead under the elevator of the residential building where he himself lived.

"After reporting as a missing person, the first suspicions were in the direction of the criminal offense 'Kidnapping', since the same person, after his release from the detention center in Lipjan, on January 09, 2024, had with him 86,250 Swiss francs, therefore the Basic Prosecution in Gjilan, a decision has been taken to initiate investigations into this criminal offense and numerous investigative actions", announced the Prosecutor's Office.

After finding him, the sum of 86,250 Swiss francs, as well as 350 euros, three mobile phones and other personal items were found in his bag.

The state prosecutor has ordered that the dead body be sent for autopsy to the Institute of Forensic Medicine. Experts from the Technical Faculty have also been engaged, in order to examine the technical functionality of the elevator, orders have been made for the examination of telephones and other investigative actions have been undertaken, the Prosecutor's Office further announced.