Calling the Ashkali community in Fushë-Kosovo for vaccination of children

The new vaccines that have started to be administered in schools in Kosovo are being opposed by the representatives of the Ashkali community in Fushë-Kosovo. In the Municipality they said that efforts are being made to find forms that will convince parents to vaccinate their children, not excluding the condition of issuing documents for the continuation of social assistance

Based on the action plan for the years 2022-2025 on the vaccination of students and children, the Ministry of Health has included in the vaccination calendar three new vaccines, the HPV against Human Papilloma Virus, against rotavirus and pneumococcal.

But the action plan of the Ministry of Health, which has started to be implemented in schools, is being opposed by the children of the Ashkali community in Fushë-Kosovo.

Fatbardha Ramadani, doctor at the Main Family Medicine Center (QKMF) in this city, said that all these new vaccines are for the benefit of students and children.

"Parents are very pleased that these vaccines have arrived and are not hesitating to bring their children for vaccination, despite the communities that exist in Fushë-Kosovo, they are hesitating for vaccination. We are happy that the Homan Pokemon Virus vaccine has arrived this year. The girls are very enthusiastic and are not hesitating to get the vaccine, so they are the lucky generation who have the opportunity to get this vaccine this year," she said.

Ramadan has asked all parents from the ranks of the Ashkali community to bring their children for vaccination.

"The new vaccines have also entered the vaccination calendar and are age-appropriate, so I had encouraged all communities and all parents to bring their children for vaccination. Until now, according to the latest data, there are no side effects from these vaccines that have arrived, so parents have no reason to hesitate to bring their children to receive the vaccines", Ramadani emphasized.

E Remzi Shala, director of the QKMF in Fushë-Kosovo, has said that for the purpose of vaccination, different teams have been organized to go to the homes of representatives of the Ashkali community, but the organization has not produced success.

"We have used all possible forms to immunize them and educate their families and their parents about the importance of vaccination, because these are services which are guaranteed by law and equal for all and everyone has access and the possibility of their vaccination through these centers. It means, there are difficulties, we have used different forms, one of the forms is through social assistance, their certifications in opportunities not in receipt, for their continuation which have shown to be quite successful, because they are beneficiaries of the schemes over 80 percent of these families", he announced.

During Tuesday, KOHA also stayed in Fushë-Kosovo in Lagjja e Ashkalive, but there the parents of the children did not agree to talk about this issue.

In the Municipality of Fushë-Kosovo, according to the vaccination calendar, it is expected that about 3 sixth grade students will be vaccinated.