300 students in Doganaj are exposed to danger from the collapse of the school building

At a time when many schools built after the war have been closed, in Doganaj of Kaçanik the students are exposed to the danger of the collapse of the school building, which was built about 80 years ago. Parents call for the finalization of the new school building, which started in 2019. But, based on the draft budget, even next year the students will continue learning in the building that drips from the pool and is full of insects.

For years, about 300 students of the "Ali Asllani" primary and lower secondary school in Doganaj of Kaçanik have been studying in difficult conditions. The school building, built about 80 years ago, drips from the roof every time it rains, and is invaded by insects in the summer.

The parents of the students say that their children are exposed to the risk of falling every day.

"The building is in extremely serious condition, as can be seen from this part, which at any moment could collapse and cause an incident or tragedy for the students", said Jashar Selimi, chairman of the Parents' Council in Kaçanik Municipality.

"The risk to children's health is extremely high. This is evidenced by the fact that during the summer of this year the teaching process was also interrupted due to the appearance of some insects from the roof", said Kemajl Muresli, a resident of Doganaj village.

In 2019, the Ministry of Education launched a new facility for this school worth 1.3 million euros. The facility has not been erected since the works were stopped a year later.

Fitim Selmani is the director of the school and calls for the new facility to be finalized as soon as possible.

"The development of the learning process is very difficult since there are not even elementary conditions, so the process is not developing as our students deserve", Selmani stated.

The Ministry of Education did not respond to KOHA's questions about this project.

And, in the Municipality of Kaçanik, they emphasized that, based on the Draft Budget that the Government has presented to the Assembly, it is not expected that the building will be completed even next year.

"According to all the possibilities, there is no way to finalize it, because only 300 euros have been allocated for the next year. The total amount for the construction of that school was around one million and 300 thousand euros. We have no information about what has been done with it because both the financing and the procurement procedures were led by the Ministry of Education", said Zahir Doda, Director of Education in the Municipality of Kaçanik.

At the time when the students in Doganaj in Kaçanik conduct their lessons in the building built 80 years ago, many schools built after the war have been closed due to the lack of students.